From the Music Director:

Thank you for joining with the Chorale as we begin our fourth decade with the 2015-16 Concert Season. After last year, many patrons asked “What are you going to do to top the grand, celebratory 30th season”? The answer: a year-long “Feast of Classics”.

The term “classic” has many meanings. There is “classic” art, those timeless written, visual and musical expressions that stir the human soul. There is the famed historical “Classic Period” that produced such brilliant art of Haydn, Mozart, and Beethoven. And, each of us hold dear many “classic” experiences and treasures. The term “Classic”, inferring the highest level, the richest value, seemed an exploration worthy to initiate the next decade of music by the Western Colorado Chorale. Enjoy this Classic Season!

Dr. Monte Atkinson, Director

Western Colorado Chorale

Dr. Monte Atkinson

Artistic Director

Welcome to the Western Colorado Chorale!

The Western Colorado Chorale performs works of great choral music that would not otherwise be heard in the Grand Valley.

Founded by Dr. Monte Atkinson in 1985, the 45-voice auditioned Chorale has performed many masterworks compositions such as the Bach B Minor Mass, Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, Carmina Burana, Mahler’s Resurrection Symphony, and many others.

The Western Colorado Chorale is directed by Dr. Monte Atkinson.